Thursday, March 10, 2011

Can you say Reconnect?

Today I must of felt some nostalgia or longing for something, not sure what it was though. I didn't realize right away but definitely figuring that must have happened.
Me and the kids soon after my final corporate days :)

I realized that since I quit my full time job, I have lost all time, and seem to have accomplished little in the mean time.

Quitting was amazing! I was excited, scared and completely beside myself, while Zack started losing his hair :P

I thought Id get to big stuff, small stuff, and new stuff! Like play with the kids more, like crafts, games and what not, even more outtings (hasnt really happened). I hoped to finish filling out the kids babies books, organizing the thousands of pictures we have, reorganize tons of different corners of our home, take up some type of exercise routine maybe like a mommy and me something with Jacoby while Cam went  to school. I hoped to get my business in gear, make tons of more products, build my website, seek out other venues etc.

All I can say my life has come to that of the typical stay at home mommy. Im not complaining! haha. Just wish I've made more of it over the past 7-8 months I've been out of the corporate world...

To be continued... Sorry dinner is calling and the kids, inlaws and hubby won't take no for an answer, Can I just say I have so much littler time for ME (seriously not complaining!!!!)



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Flower Patch Farmgirl

I feel ya, Sister! I DREAM of alone time. It's probably why I end up staying up so stinking late after the kids are in bed! ;)


and I always wondered why my own mom was a "night owl" :)