Friday, March 11, 2011

Reconnect continued ~

Here's one of my more professional photos, as I am no photographer as you could tell in most of my pics, which leads me off to something else I had plans to do while "having more time", get one of those really nice cameras and learn to use it. I haven 't even bought the camera yet. My best friends for my 30th this year all pitched in for a gift card for me to go out and get myself one, the gift card is burning a hole in my purse as I type :)
(in the mean time, my sister gets the camera for christmas from her husband - what a slap in the face, but hey Ive probably played with it more since she's gotten it!)
I keep telling myself, soon soon soon, I will jump in and catch up, but Im totally fooling myself.

I know I can't FOREVER forego the laundry monster, the dust bunnies on the floor, the never ending toy clean up battle, my fetish to keep crumbs off the counter (nevermind the floor), the 30 miscellaneous piles of nothing stacked up around the house as if its to help the house look neat, man I can barely roll out of bed without instantly making "my side" of the bed while Z is still sleeping. YES having kids has given me OCD, I wont lie - I need medicine to keep me at a normal level to let go of the everyday needs of a household nevermind children because I dont have time for Yoga or meditation and if I did, I'd totally rather Zumba or Kick Boxing!
I once got on a steady Zumba roll, going a few times a week, it was fun, I loved it - Z decideds to come home one day a month later and break his arm on black ice in the driveway - Have not been to Zumba since and that was over 2 years ago lol!

With all this said I am off to bed :) ...

 Further continuation tomorrow ... Am I really this cynical????

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Which camera are you going to get? I turn 30 next month and have made it VERY known that I'm saving for am expensinve camera. LOL. I control my OCD with tequila. ;)


haha, I usually open a bottle of wine before zack gets home from work many days haha

The camera ive been craving is the Canon EOS Rebel T1i 15.1MP...


yeah!! Im so glad your back!... I missed you and the blog! You better get that camera soon I can take classes with you!