Tuesday, March 15, 2011

To New Followers & lovely Tuesday

The FAB 5 (including my sister to the far right, she made her way in this one)

Guess what I talked my Fab 5's into starting...
 our own blog site!! I am so excited because they each have so much fantastic things to share about their indivudual life's and personalities. I told them to think of it as the we're like our own VIEW or The Talk haha.
Ill keep ya'll posted where to find it once up and running... It will have tons of fun topics since we all have so much differences to bring to the table, such as

Exercising that never happens
Baby Pains
Dead Beat Dad issues
Sex, whats that??
In Laws, need we say more

Plus we have so many past stories to share that helped us reach our 30's :)

each of them are so unique! one completely practical yet naive, another creative fun yet classic styled chic!

I am a newbie to Follow Me Back Tuesday... Keep coming back for some more fun projects and life's stories of everyday joys and pains!!!

Personally I just wanted to add this button to my blog post today too!!! How sassy is it! I love it!!!

We were so young! (still are... in body mind and soul)
Here's an oldy but good, of a mid 20's celebration of a Fab 5:

9 *I'd love to hear what you have to say*:


OMG!!! I can't believe how young we look in this pic.

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love this pic!.. we do look young! that was one fun night though!


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Fabulous photos!


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