Wednesday, March 16, 2011

St Patty's Din

Last night was our St Patty's dinner at the in laws. We did it early so Gamma could give the grandkids their "green" presents prior to Thursday so they'd be able to sport their new green tops.

I first got the kids started on a Leprechaun mask project before dinner...

As you can see, Jacoby tends to get more marker on his face than elsewhere...

Im not quite sure why each of them ended up with a mostly purple leprechaun, I totally tried to get them to use other colors!

Then it was time to whip up our signature sandwiches (all besides me and the kids had cornbeef and sauerkraut, ewww)

As for the kids and I, soup, grilled cheeses and for me .... Grilled Ham and Swiss on Rye with Russian Dressing... mmmm (not quite sure how Irish that is though)

Jacoby getting mad and doing his "taradactil yelp"

Then to top it off we had Irish Sprinkle cookies with cute little flags in them ala Gamma :)

And the whole time I had the joy of having this Irish guy staring at me straight... We all got our green tops, as you can see Camryn already put hers on, and the rest will where ours tomorrow.  Funny thing is - I am not even Irish!!! I guess my kids are tho :)

Happy St. Patty's Day!


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That sandwich looks mighty yummy! Sounds like y'all had a great evening!

Oh and I totally use Russian dressing on my Reubens too!


Oh yes we sure did!


I'd give an arm to hear Jacob's yelp! LOL. So glad ya'll had a brilliant time for Paddy's dinner.

p.s. Are you tackling that spring cleaning yet?



Is it strange I've always wanted to be Irish? lol...

Here from FMBT to return your follow..but GFC is giving me fits. I'll keep checking back in on it though!

Have a great weekend!