Monday, March 14, 2011

Reconnect continued... more

The other day after my last post, I must of had a mini meltdown. Thursday night me , Z and his mom took Cam to Riverdance
 (Camryn loves Irish step dancing and my MIL loves Ireland, so we got tickets for the show for them for Xmas).

Anyway Camryn ended up being up very late, as did Jacoby because my FIL said Jacoby its time for bed, and Jacoby responded I dont want to go to bed, so FIL said ok what do you want to watch... Friday morning comes along and no one wants to get out of bed, so I let them sleep. In the mean time I get a phone call from my Dad saying can you watch Amber this morning,
my sister's 3 yr old daughter. I obviously said yes because thats what I do. I then asked and hoped that either my Dad or my sister would have offered or at least made a more helpful effort to drop Camryn off at school, because she certainly did not have to miss school but she DID! Already upset by this Amber comes strollin' in the house with her suitcase full of dress up clothes, and a reusable grocery bag full of other toys, and just spills them out in front of the front door she just walked in, runs up stairs and leaves her mess behind. I always say my sister's kids are total destroyers, as Im sure mine are at her house too but the whole scenerio just didnt sit well with me... so to go along with my old compaints, what did I do to deal with the siuation, I WHIP OUT THE VACUUM! WHy couldn't I just have jumped in with the kids mess and play or start a craft time, or something other than clean! I was so mad at myself but couldn't help it :(

The Weekend got better though, as I dropped sewing, cleaning, and what not to nap with the kids, shop with the kids and etc. Which was soooo nice! At the same time shopping a bit stressful, but so fun to take Camryn girl shopping trying on clothes with her saying mommy I dont like that one on you but I like the purple one, then she tries on clothes for herself and adores them and then is like mmm mommy you can put this one back I dont need it :)

Ill have more in depth stories of the weekend later....

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Hi Krissy!
I hardly recognized your blog! I like the new look. It's been a while huh! Nice to see you blogging again. Hope you have been well. Your kiddos sure are getting big too!!


Thanks, i was gone so long my lay out was gone too haha!