Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Busy Busy Purse Making

I've been swamped with making purses lately. Lots and lots of spring handbags going out around town, take a look. . . 

I had a "purse party" about a month ago and these are some of the products. The purse party involved a huge get together of ladies with all my fabric, bag examples, so appetizers, wine and chatting that made for a huge success. My next one is lined up for the end of April for some ladies who didnt make it to the premier purse party event.  It was so fun to see all the different styles and patterns each lady liked and wanted. And it was pretty funny to see some scour over the fabrics for a few hours and still be uncertain what they wanted and then the few that came in, picked them out in 10 minutes and then sat around mingling the rest of the time. 

I just finally cut mine out last night to sew up because mine from the fall is definitely in need of retirement. I ran that thing around everywhere, loved it, and now its time to love another one!

Its going to be a new style and Im so excited to get it done because Im making Camryn a matching mini version of mine. I always make mine, my moms or my sisters first if its a new style to work out all the kinks. Stay tuned for the new bag style!

Also, go to Women Who Do it All for a great giveaway with the possibility to win something such as a great bag from  Yellow Plum Blossoms, she has a wonderful blog for all the great sewing busy moms out there, check it out!



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WOW Krissy! Those are beautiful. You are so talented. I LOOOOVE that one with the green flower on it. So fun. Do you sell them in an etsy shop?