Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Loop

Today so far has thrown me for a loop and its only 9 am. I truly thought I'd have Camryn in school by 8:30, my errands ran, and me and Jacoby would be at Story time for the terrific 2's by 10:30 for our usual Weds morning date. 

Jacoby, found the camera and pictured himself unknowingly the other day lol

Whats going on?... Well Im on the computer eating frosted flakes out of the box and having my morning coffee, Cam is playing with paper dolls, and Jacoby is bugging her trying to play with her paper dolls.  I was on schedule for once until Jacoby thru me for a loop and I am still unsure what to make of it. He was running around like an animal after he was dressed and I started to go round them up to head out the door and I walk in my room to see Camryn laying in my bed watching TV, and Jacoby standing on a step stool on the side of my bed with a puddle all around him. At first I was quite confused, like how in the world did he pee all over the floor but still have his clothes on and dry? Well I soon came to realize as he proceeded to projectile vomit all over my bedroom floor (thankfully just the floor) it was not pee, just some throwing up disaster I've never seen him do before. Jacoby then was put in the shower I had to clean the floors in my room to the bathroom and obviously did not get Camryn to school. I dont think he's sick, but no idea where the vomit came from so Im scared to take him out in case it happens again. Anyway Cam is now waiting for Boppy (my dad) to come pick her up to drop her off at school, late once again. Her teachers must think I am such a flake not being able to ever get her daughter to school on time. (Yesterday we got there on time tho! Cam wanted to make sure she'd see what the leprechauns did to her class, plus she was the special helper for the day which includes show and tell - the one day she ops to try to be helpful in the morning to be on time for school)

Good luck to the rest of my day and yours~

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