Thursday, March 3, 2011

Guess What Im coming back to the blog world, or going to try too :)

So now I work part time, do tons of sewing on the side and get to stay at home with my incredibly amazing and crazy children. What more can I ask for right now!?

A break :)

I had plans to go away with the college girls for the weekend to celebrate our 30th's and what happens...

I catch the flu/bug thing my kids had last week, so I think I may have to miss out. We planned it months ago, we were going to head up to Portsmouth, may Spa it and take it easy with just the girls, and instead I dropped Camryn off at school and scooted Jacoby over to play with my cousins little ones while I relax and nap and hope to feel better.

I've totally fell off the blog list world, but I've finally started to balancing again, and loved reading and staying in touch with some of those incredible blogs and ladies out there! So I am back and will be putting up some good sewing projects, because I've had my hands full with them!

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